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Hotarare privind noul model de pontaj pentru cadrele didactice din UPT
Model de pontaj pentru cadrele didactice din UPT (format excel)
Concediu Medical
Anexe Concediu Medical
Concursul international HARD & SOFT Suceava-2015



Universitatea "Politehnica" din Timisoara
2, Vasile Pârvan Blvd.
300223, Timisoara


  Ing. Petre Mierluţiu
FOSTI COLEGI // Asistent universitar
Departamentul Calculatoare
Universitatea "Politehnica" din Timisoara
2, Vasile Parvan Blvd., 300223, Timisoara, Romania
Locatie cabinet : Vasile Parvan nr. 2 Corp B, etaj 5, sala 517
Website : http://cs.upt.ro/~peter

Activitate didactica Activitate didactica

Nr. crt Titlu disciplina Forma Curicula
1 Securitatea sistemelor de calcul Laborator
Calculatoare si Tehnologia Informatiei
Semestrul 7
2 Programare concurentă şi bazată pe evenimente Seminar
Calculatoare si Tehnologia Informatiei
Semestrul 7

Activitate de cercetare Activitate de cercetare

Domenii de interes

  • Sisteme de operare
  • Retele de calculatoare

Propuneri teme de diploma

Nr. crt Titlu tema Nr studenti Stare curenta
1 POSIX checking plug-in for Eclipse. (name can change)
1 Ocupat
2 Data matrix barcodes for library management
Application to help integrate usage of data matrix barcodes for managing books, records, CDs or other library items. The barcodes would contain identifying information for the item and should be printed for tagging. Images of these barcodes taken with various means should be decoded and item identified. An application like tellico could be modified to support these barcodes or an application could be written from scratch.
1 Liber
3 Porting Click over L4Ka or QNX
Click is a modular software router developed by MIT LCS's Parallel and Distributed Operating Systems group.
L4 is a modern and efficient microkernel operating system. It can be considered experimental or academic.
QNX is a modern, commercial, real-time operating system that is also based on a microkernel and has excellent support and tools.

This project should port the Click modular router, which now runs on top of systems like Linux of FreeBSD, on top of an L4-based environment or on top of QNX.
As L4 runs on x86 and MIPS processors, it should be possible to experiment both on a PC and on a "real" router, such as a wireless router.

A previous project succeeded in running Click over QNX, using its POSIX emulation library. We would like to integrate Click with the QNX's native API or with L4 API.
1 Liber
4 Video Streaming Server Enhancements
The project will extend an existing video streaming server (implemented with threads and gstreamer), as follows:

* Change primitive internal HTTP processing: integrate the server with Apache web server -- probably writing an Apache module
* Implement client classifying mechanisms (based on client supplied ID or other criteria)
* Implement hooks for workload management (I will explain)
* Add system profiling capability and reporting
* Separate and enhance access control functions
* Improve performance
* Eliminate bugs
* Come up with new ideas :-)

Depending on possibilities, use another streaming library instead of gstreamer or use it better.

1 Liber

Activitate stiintifica Activitate stiintifica