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TEEFIOS: Time and Energy Efficient Framework for Inter-Operation of Smart devices

Wireless networks of sensors and smart devices (WSN) are an extremely interesting topic, at the confluence of engineering fields with enormous impact on worldwide society: digital networks, wireless communications, and miniature embedded digital devices.

Aware of the severe requirements and challenges raised by current applications in this area, we propose a new paradigm - Time and Energy Efficiency (T: or TEE). The goal of the project is to develop an integrated real-time and energy efficient inter-operation framework for networks of smart sensors and devices - TEEFIOS.

The main proposed objectives focus on three distinct layers: (a) T:Node, a hardware-software environment and methodology for designing and assessing real-time behavior and efficient energy consumption of embedded devices, (b) T:YNet, a system for the development and analysis of TEE communication in wireless ad-hoc networks, and (c) T:PIlot, a methodology for the power management of the entire network. An integrated set of tools, benchmarks and databases will also be created to help advanced developers and researchers in the WSN area apply the TEE paradigm to applications with high impact. All the results will be validated using real-life case studies.

Existing resources include a postdoc and PhD students with direct interest in these fields, balanced by senior researchers with high expertise and international visibility, all supported by a well equipped environment - the DSPLabs.

Principal Investigator
Project Team
Adriana-Ramona CIOARGĂ

Claudia MICEA
Total Project (Grant) Value
123340 EUR
Funding Source
R&D Grant, National Research, Development and Innovation Plan II (PNCDI II), Human Resource Program - Young Research Teams (TE), Code: PN-II-RU-TE-2014-4-0731
Project Duration
2015.10.01 - 2017.09.30
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