Information Technology - A New Bachelor Engineering Program in the Field of Computer and Information Technology

September 26th, 2022
Information Technology poster

In an effort to meet the ever growing need of IT specialists in almost all the activity areas of modern society, a new BSc. Engineering program is starting at the Faculty of Automation and Computing from the 2022-2023 academic year: Information Technology.

This program works in parallel with the existing Computers program (the modern descendant of the first engineering program in computing across the Romanian universities, started in 1966) and both of them will produce highly qualified engineers in the field of computer and information technology. The main differences between the two programs can be briefly summarized as:

  • Information Technology adds more focus on the development, integration and administration of secure computer-based systems and network infrastructures;
  • Computers program emphasizes more on the design, implementation and maintenance of hardware and software components of modern computing systems and networks of intelligent devices.

Both programs are based on a modern and flexible curriculum with a common structure. The first year of studies is similar to both programs and the differences appear gradually, starting from the second year. The students will chose at the end of the first year the program they want to follow further on.

The curriculum, which covers a total duration of 4 years (8 semesters), is composed of the following main categories of courses:

Fundamental Courses (Engineering Sciences)

  • Courses which are fundamental for the general instruction of an engineer
  • Some examples:
    • Calculus
    • Computer Programming
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Logic and Discrete Structures
    • Algebra and Geometry
    • Computer Graphics
    • Physics

Domain Courses (Computer and IT)

  • Courses which define the field of Computer and Information Technology
  • Some examples:
    • Digital Logic
    • Data Structures and Algorithms
    • Computer Networks
    • Object-Oriented Programming
    • Computer Architecture
    • Digital Circuits and Signals
    • Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals
    • Software Engineering Fundamentals
    • Databases

Specialty Courses and Electives (Information Technology program)

  • Courses which develop specialty competences
  • With the help of the specialty elective courses, each student can define and follow a personal educational track
  • Some examples:
    • Database Administration
    • Design and Development of Web Applications
    • .NET Programming
    • Operating Systems Administration
    • Computer Systems Security
    • Network Administration
    • Embedded Systems
    • Design and Analysis of Mobile Applications
    • Sensors and Sensor Networks
  • Students at this program can also choose a set of specialty courses from the Computers study program

Complementary Courses

  • Courses which develop transversal competences of the students
  • Some examples:
    • Foreign Languages
    • Sports
    • Communication
    • Management and marketing


More details can be found on the websites of the Faculty of Automation and Computing and on the Department of Computer and Information Technology.