Alin Anton
Academic Title
Associate Professor
Dr. Eng.
Department Merit Diplomas
Office Contact
  Rooms B527, B418
(0256 40) 3281
  alin.anton (at)


Research Fields
Research Interests
  • computer security, computational science and engineering, large-scale high performance numerical computing, supercomputing, numerical simulations, computational fluid dynamics, privacy engineering, free (libre) software, social and ethical implications of technology, reverse engineering, anonymity
PhD Thesis
Selected Research Projects

Selected Publications

  • Alin Anton, Sebastian Muntean, Romeo F. Susan-Resiga, SWIRL2D: An interface tracking algorithm for computing the two-dimensional swirling flows with stagnant region, Proceedings of the Romanian Academy, Volume 17, Number 4/2016, pp. 366–373, ISSN 1454-9069, WOS:000394189900012.
  • Alin Anton, Vladimir-Ioan Creţu, Albert Ruprecht, Sebastian Muntean, Traffic Replay Compression (TRC): a highly efficient method for handling parallel numerical simulation data, Proceedings of the Romanian Academy, Volume 14, Number 4/2013, pp. 385–392, ISSN 1454-9069, WOS:000328441500016.
  • Alin Anton, Razvan Cioarga, Bunkers: Jail Application Level Firewall for the Mitigation and Identification of Service Takeover Attacks on HardenedBSD, ESORICS 2019 International Workshops, IOSec, MSTEC, and FINSEC, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, September 26–27, 2019,
  • Alin Anton, Reconstruction of a space-time window in a transient simulation of the breaking of a dam, In Proc. of the 6th Intern. Symp. on Applied Comp. Intel. and Inform. (Timisoara, May 2011), pp. 335–340.
  • Alin Anton, Vladimir Cretu, Fast algorithm for the extraction of a space-time window in finite volume meshes, In Proceedings of the 6th International Symposium on Applied Computational Intelligence and Informatics (Timisoara, May 2011), pp. 327–330.