Cristina-Sorina STÂNGACIU awarded with the ANIS Education Scholarship

December 23rd, 2021
Cristina Stangaciu - ANIS Education Scholarship

Lecturer Dr. Eng. Cristina-Sorina Stângaciu wins the Education Scholarship awarded by ANIS through its sponsor, Microsoft Romania, for the introduction of the course "Operating Systems for IoT".

The course was introduced in the 2021-2022 academic year, at the Master of Cloud Computing and Internet of Things program and was proposed as a continuation of another master course,  “Real-Time Systems Design”. The course proposal came as a result of the doctoral studies and the projects in the field of embedded and real-time systems of the course holder. The course aims to introduce and familiarize master students with other operating systems beside those studied in the undergraduate cycle, such as FreeRTOS, RIOT, etc. When we talk about different robots exploring the surface of Mars, different smart devices, it would also be interesting to study the operating systems running on such systems. It is also necessary and logical to discuss vulnerabilities and security within them. In addition, in the field of Internet of Things, the need to address this issue of security is growing, on one hand, due to the critical functionalities that these systems can incorporate and, on the other hand, due to the constraints regarding the limited resources of numerous devices on the Internet of Things.

Operating Systems for IoT is the third case of courses introduced by professors at the Department of Computer and Information Technology, awarded with an education scholarship. The other two courses are Big Data Visualization, introduced by Lecturer Dr. Eng. Alexandru Topîrceanu and the Bioinformatica course, introduced by Lecturer Dr. Eng. Codruța Istin.