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Academic Title
Dr. Habil. Eng.
Department Merit Diplomas
Office Contact
  Room B520
(256 40) 3278
  alexandru.topirceanu (at)


Research Fields
Research Interests
  • Network Science, Complex Systems, Network Medicine, Agent-based modeling, Computational Epidemics, Heuristic Methods, Gamification.
PhD Thesis
Selected Research Projects

Selected Publications

  • Topirceanu, A., Udrescu, M., and Marculescu, R. (2018). Weighted betweenness preferential attachment: A new mechanism explaining social network formation and evolution. Scientific reports, 8(1), 1-14.
  • Topirceanu, A. (2021). Electoral forecasting using a novel temporal attenuation model: Predicting the US presidential elections. Expert Systems with Applications, 182, 115289.
  • Topirceanu, A., Udrescu, M., Vladutiu, M. and Marculescu, R., 2016. Tolerance-based interaction: A new model targeting opinion formation and diffusion in social networks. PeerJ Computer Science, 2, p.e42.
  • Udrescu, L., Sbârcea, L., Topîrceanu, A., Iovanovici, A., Kurunczi, L., Bogdan, P. and Udrescu, M., 2016. Clustering drug-drug interaction networks with energy model layouts: community analysis and drug repurposing. Scientific reports, 6, p.32745
  • Mihaicuta, S., Udrescu, M., Topirceanu, A. and Udrescu, L., 2017. Network science meets respiratory medicine for OSAS phenotyping and severity prediction. PeerJ, 5, p.e3289.