Ciprian-Bogdan CHIRILĂ

Ciprian-Bogdan Chirila
Academic Title
Associate Professor
Dr. Eng.
Administrative Positions and Attributions
UPT Senate Member
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  Rooms ASPC P7, A305
  ciprian.chirila (at)

Short Bio

Ciprian-Bogdan Chirila is an associate professor in the department of Computers and Information Technology, University Politehnica Timisoara. He gives lectures in Fundamental Concepts of Programming Languages, Compiler Design and Heuristic Methods. He started working for University Politehnica Timisoara in 2001 as a teaching assistant. In 2002 he started his PhD program under the supervision of prof. Ioan Jurca in cotutelle with University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis, France under the supervision of prof. Philippe Lahire. In 2007 he won a national competition grant (>10.000$) for young researchers and becomes project manager and principal investigator. He did several internships in Sophia Antipolis, France in 2003, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, partially funded by CNRS grants and in Bonn in 2007. He worked with prof. Markku Sakkinen from University of Jyvaskyla, Finland on topics related to reverse inheritance relationship in Eiffel. He worked also with dr. Gunter Kniesel on the semantics implementation for the reverse inheritance relationship using conditional transformations applied on Prolog factbases extracted from Eiffel projects. Ciprian-Bogdan Chirila defended his PhD thesis in February, 2010 being evaluated by an international panel. In 2011 Ciprian-Bogdan Chirila becomes senior lecturer in the Computers and Information Technology Department. In 2014 he won a postdoctoral scholarship under the supervision of prof. Horia Ciocarlie and prof. Lacramioara Stoicu-Tivadar developing models for Auto-generative Learning Objects (AGLO) used in e-learning. In 2012, and 2016 Ciprian-Bogdan Chirila wins two mandates of UPT Senate representative. In 2016 Ciprian-Bogdan Chirila becomes the vide-dean of the Faculty of Automation and Computers Faculty having a mandate of 4 years. In 2017 together with prof. Vladimir Cretu directs the thesis of PhD student Felicia-Mirabela Costea in the field of e-learning, namely in Auto-Generative Learning Objects.


Selected Publications

  • [Chirila2015SOFA-Springer] - Ciprian-Bogdan Chirila. Educational Resources as Web Game Frameworks for Primary and Middle School Students, Soft Computing Applications, Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop Soft Computing Applications (SOFA 2014), Springer Verlag, isbn 978-3-319-18295-7, August, 31, 2015, book chapter (pdf).

  • [Chirila2017BRAIN] - Ciprian-Bogdan Chirila. Ciprian-Bogdan Chirila. Auto-generative learning objects in online assessment of data structures disciplines, BRAIN - Broad Research in Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience, vol. 8, no. 1, Bacau, Romania, ISSN 2067-3957, WOS 000399989700003, April, 2017, article (pdf).

  • [Sakkinen2013NJC] - Markku Sakkinen, Philippe Lahire, Ciprian-Bogdan Chirila, Towards Fully-Fledged Reverse Inheritance in Eiffel, Nordic Journal of Computing, 2013, article (pdf).

  • [Chirila2010MASPEGHI] - Ciprian-Bogdan Chirila, Markku Sakkinen, Philippe Lahire, Ioan Jurca. Reverse Inheritance in Statically Typed Object-Oriented Programming Languages, The Mechanisms for Specialization and Inheritance Workshop at ECOOP 2010, 5 pages, Maribor, Slovenia, June 22, 2010, paper (pdf).

  • [Chirila2007LMO] - Ciprian-Bogdan Chirila, Pierre Crescenzo, Philippe Lahire. Reverse Inheritance: Improving Class Library Reuse in Eiffel, Poster presentation at LMO (Langages et Modeles a Objets) 2007 Conference, Toulouse, France, May 27-29, 2007, poster list, poster (pdf).