Head of Department

Scientific Secretary

Specialty Committees

A total of 8 directions are defined for the activity and development of the Department of Computer and Information Technology, under the direct responsibility of a corresponding specialty committee:

  1. General strategy and human resource
  2. Education process
  3. Scientific research
  4. Quality and professional ethics
  5. Infrastructure and logistics
  6. Co-operation with students
  7. Image and communication
  8. Relation with the social and business environment

The attributions of each specialty committee are specified in this document (RO language).

The structure and the members of each specialty committee are presented in this document (RO language).

Strategic and Operational Plans

The Strategic Plan of the Department of Computer and Information Technology development, for the 2016-2020 interval is available at this location (RO language).

The annual Operational Plans of the department are available as follows:

Internal Procedures and Policies

Branding and Visual Identity

The recommendations regarding the visual identity of the department are specified in this manual (RO language).

This set of templates and visual elements are available to use when publishing DCTI-related information:

The procedures and usage guidelines, as well as the responsibilities regarding the contents of the department website and its administration, are specified in this User's Guide (RO language).