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Software Module for Efficiency Assessment of the Hydraulic Pumps in Service for Drinkable Water Systems

A software tool (desktop and mobile) has been developed for the efficiency assessment of hydraulic generators' operation installed in Timisoara's drinkable water system and beyond. The diagnostic is computed based on QR codes and the traffic light system using three colors: green, for normal operation, yellow, for dangerous operation which requires a planned stop and finally red, for abnormal operation requiring an emergency halt. The diagnostic system has been validated using laboratory experiments for both constant speed pumps and variable speed pumps and for several selected pumps in service for daylight and nighttime use. Timisoara has 319279 inhabitants, 30000 foreign students and several hundreds km of pipes delivering drinkable water to the citizens. I was interviewed by TeleU about project results:
Principal Investigator
Project Team Sebastian Muntean, Romanian Academy Timisoara (project member)
Drd. ing. Daniel Calin Mos, Faculty of Mechanics, Politehnica University Timisoara (project member)
Dr. ing. Ionel Draghici, SC AQUATIM SA Adrian Cococeanu, SC AQUATIM SA
In-situ measurement team for daylight and nighttime service: Ardelean Timotei, Szakal Raul, Peter Alexandra, Kadlecz Bogdan, Maran Alexandru
Project (Grant) Value
~18690 EUR
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