Admission at Master Programs

Information on the admission procedures, regulations and dates, for the Master study programs supported by the Department of Computer and Information Technology:


Official admission announcements site

All important announcements related to the admission process are available live on the dedicated site.

Please visit that site often.

The admission interview

The interview consists of a presentation made by the candidate about the research topic the candidate plans to approach during the master studies, followed by questions asked by the examination board. It is recommended (yet not mandatory) that the candidate consults an academic or researcher in the field for the purpose of choosing such a topic.

Master Programs offered by the CTI Department

General presentation of the Master study programs in the field of Computer and Information Technology, supported primarily by DCTI, is available at the following location

Information on the UPT website

Information about the university-wide admission procedures and regulations is available on the Politehnica University of Timisoara website.

Elective Courses Selection

You can choose the courses for the current study year by following this link here.