AQVSN, First Prize Winner of the 19th Scientific Student Conference on Technical Sciences, 2018, National Phase

April 26th, 2018

AQVSN (Air Quality Vehicular Sensor Network) is a project designed by two students from Politehnica University of Timisoara, which won the First Prize at the 19th Scientific Student Conference on Technical Sciences. The national section of the contest took place between 26th and 28th of April in our university. This year, each of the 32 teams had to present their own project and demonstrate its practical applicability in a state-of-the-art problem.

The team is formed by Gyorgy Kolumban Antal and Lasak Vladko, both of them being students in Computers at the Faculty of Automation and Computing. Their mentors are Dr. Eng. Razvan Bogdan and Dr. Eng. Bogdan Groza. The team will be participating in the international section of the contest which will take place in Budapest.

AQVSN is a low-cost product meant to monitor the urban air pollution by using middle precision sensors and mobile sensor nodes. These are grouped in a Vehicular Sensor Network. The sensor nodes are placed on vehicles running around the town so that to measure the concentration of CO2, dust and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), but also temperature and humidity. In order to obtain a secure system, the transmission protocol uses a modified version of the Station to Station protocol.

This product is a solution meant to measure and predict pollution in different areas of the country and around the globe.