Elective Courses Selection

Information on the selection process of the elective courses provided by the Bachelor (Undergraduate) programs:


    Available Places at the Elective Courses

    The number of places available for the elective courses, for the 2019-2020 academic year:


    Schedule of the Selection Process of the Elective Courses, for the 2019-2020 Academic Year

    Schedule for the Computers-RO study program: 2nd year (1st to 2nd), 3rd year (2nd to 3rd) and 4th year (3rd to 4th), and for the Computers-EN study program: 3rd year (2nd to 3rd) and 4th year (3rd to 4th)

    1 Presentation of the elective courses, by their corresponding lecturers Apr 08-25, 2019 Study advisors
    Elective course lecturers
    2 Students fill in the form with the selected electives and deliver the resulting documents to the Department Secretariat May 6-17, 2019 DCTI Secretariat
    3 Processing of the documents with the student options
    (based on the scholar achievements of each student after the summer session, without the results of the autumn re-examination session)
    Jul-Aug, 2019 Sorin Babii
    Răzvan Bogdan
    4 Results publication Sep 09, 2019

    Sorin Babii
    Răzvan Bogdan
    DCTI Secretariat

    5 Contention submission Sep 09-12, 2019 DCTI Secretariat
    6 Final results publication Sep 14, 2019 DCTI Secretariat


    Procedure of Selection of the Elective Courses for the Computers-RO and Computers-EN study programs

    1. Study advisors will notify the students about the start of the annual process of elective courses selection and will schedule the presentation of these courses by their corresponding lecturers.
    2. Each student will run the Options Selection Application, will print and sign up the corresponding Options Form and will deliver this document to the Department Secretariat.
      • To log into the application, the Student Registration ID ("numărul matricol") must be used (Attention: if the Student Registration ID is available in the short form, such as "1234", the login should be performed with "LM61234").
      • The application provides a set of help screens, by pressing the "?" key.
      • The options can be modified until the "Confirm" button is pressed. Upon pressing this button, the student acknowledges the selected options as the final version.
      • Attention: once the options are confirmed, no further changes will be possible!
      • Upon completing the elective options, the application will issue an Options Form document with the selected courses, ordered by preference, which will then be printed, signed and delivered by each student to the Department Secretariat (room B512, building B, floor 5).
    3. The documents with the student options, collected by the Department Secretariat, will be processed based on the scholar achievements of each student after the summer session, i.e. in the July-August interval. Attention: the grades considered for each student will exclude the results of the autumn re-examination session.
    4. The results of the elective courses selection process will be published at the beginning of September.
    5. After considering and processing the possible contentions, the final results will be published.